Fine Arts

“Civilizations are most often remembered for their art and thought…I have always believed in the definition of an educated man or woman as one who could, if necessary, re-found his or her civilization. That means we must teach our students more than hard facts and floppy disks. We must teach them the rich artistic inheritance of our culture and an appreciation of how fine music enriches both the student who studies it and the society that produces it…The existence of strong music and fine arts curricula are important to keeping the humanities truly humanizing and liberal arts education truly liberating.”

Ronald Reagan, Former President, United States of America

MLCA has a strong fine arts program beginning in preschool. All our students are taught the elements of music beginning in preschool and kindergarten. Piano is added in first grade and strings in sixth grade. Our students are also instructed in vocal music from kindergarten to sixth grade.

Our visual art program also begins in preschool, where students are exposed to a variety of art materials and experiences. As our students progress through the years, they will learn the basic elements of art and the principles of design, along with a variety of art techniques. Starting in second grade, art history is added, correlating with the history curriculum.


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