Archery Club

MLCA’s archery club is open to scholars in 5th grade and above. The club is run under the guidelines of NASP (National Archery in the Schools Program). Opportunities to engage in competitive archery will occur each year. All necessary equipment is provided; however, if a student would like to use his own equipment, NASP guidelines must be met. Having every archer shooting the same equipment provides a level playing field so that no archer gains a mechanical advantage over other competitors through the purchase of specialized equipment. Archery is very safe; NASP has never had a serious injury during the many years of its existence. It is also a sport that can be enjoyed for a lifetime. Students may earn the opportunity to compete at state and national NASP competitions, as well.

chess club

Chess Club

Children with all levels of experience in 3rd grade and above are welcome in the MLCA Chess club. Beginning scholars will learn the basics of the game and more advanced scholars will focus on different strategies and advanced techniques.

MLCA sponsors an Annual Chess Camp, open to all youngsters in the Keller area community. Future dates coming soon!  

Tap & Ballet Dance Club

MLCA’s dance club is open to scholars in Kindergarten-5th Grade. Your dancer will LOVE this 45-minute combination class.  We will build on basic ballet and tap movements learned in previous classes, but it is still appropriate for first-time dancers. We consider this a “Split-Level’ Class. We will always start by reviewing the basics. During the Tap portion of the class, we will concentrate on building confidence through mastering more difficult moves and sequences.  Ballet class will include proper warm-ups and stretches combined with across-the-floor and dance combinations. The main goal for this class is to help your dancer express their individuality and grow at their own pace.

Karate club

Karate Club

MLCA offers traditional Japanese karate classes as part of the extra-curricular activities program. The style taught is Shotokan, the most widely practiced of the Japanese karate styles world-wide. The classes are taught by Mr. Inglehart, an MLCA faculty member. He has earned Black Belt rankings in the Isshin-ryu and Shotokan styles of karate and is currently a member of the ATKF, an off-shoot of the JKA (Japan Karate Association). Shotokan is considered a “hard” style of karate (as opposed to soft, not as opposed to easy), characterized by linear technique and strong attention to stance and body mechanics, with a good balance between hand and foot techniques. Strong emphasis is placed on proper behavior and etiquette, emotional self-control and discipline, mental focus and concentration. Karate is an excellent all-around form of physical exercise, developing strength, speed, balance, flexibility, and kinesthetic awareness. Karate club is open to our students in 2nd grade and above.

Any questions? To see how your child, too, can benefit from a classical education at MLCA, or to sign up for a tour, contact us!