In times past, only the wealthy and the free could afford a liberal arts education while slaves and servants received vocational training. At Messiah Lutheran Classical Academy, we want to open up the world of great literature, art, music, history, and language to all children in a safe, well-structured Christian environment. A liberal arts education should not be limited to the rich. We want to provide the best education for your child.

At MLCA, we believe that a free and democratic society needs great minds…minds which have been introduced to noble virtues and high ideals. We also believe education is not just about training children for the workplace: education is about cultivating an appreciation for the fine arts and understanding how everything fits together. We want to produce great minds.

Our faculty introduces children to the love of learning through early exposure to classic literature. Students are not merely taught the process of reading; they learn to love what great books communicate. We want to promote well-read individuals.


Every year, students in grades K-8 at MLCA take a Nationally normed achievement. The results become a type of “report card” for our school to identify strengths and weaknesses in our curriculum and teaching methods. The test results also help us monitor the progress of our individual students from year to year.

Any questions? To see how your child, too, can benefit from a classical education at MLCA, or to sign up for a tour, contact us!