Homeschool Partnership

Partnering with Parents

At MLCA, our role is one of a partner with parents as they fulfill their God-given role and responsibility to educate their children. This philosophy of in loco parentis applies to all the families we serve, whether their children take part in our full-day program or only in a few classes. That, along with our small class sizes, our Christ-centered environment, and our classical curriculum, makes MLCA a great school partner for your home school program.

What Classes Are Offered?

Christian home school families are welcome to enroll their children in as many classes as they choose, provided space is available. Some families prefer to take classes a la carte, while others partner with us half the day. Classes that home school families have been most interested in have included: Latin, Art, Choir, Math, Piano, and English (Grammar, Composition, Spelling, Literature, Vocabulary). If you have a specific need, please call the school office, 817-431-5486, to see if it can be accommodated.

Dual Enrollment Expectations

Because home school students are “dually enrolled” (in both MLCA’s program and at home), parents are committing to adhere to the Student-Parent Handbook. This includes dress code, scholar conduct, parking lot policies, and handling grievances in a Christian manner. They also are agreeing to have their children at MLCA on time for those classes in which their children are enrolled.

As dually-enrolled students, all home school children are considered MLCA students, regardless of how many classes they take. This means that they are welcome to attend and participate in daily chapel, field trips, special events, and extra-curricular activities that are offered to their full-time peers.

Grades and other assessments are provided only for those classes in which home school students are enrolled. MLCA does not assume responsibility for determining grade level proficiencies for scholars who are not enrolled as full-time students.

Tuition Information

The per-semester tuition for our courses is listed below. If an extra one time supply fee is charged, it is listed next to the tuition number.

Art:          $300 ($60 fee)

English:    $400 ($25 fee)

Latin:       $400 ($25 fee)

Math:       $400 ($25 fee)

Piano:       $300 ($25 fee)

P.E.:         $250

There is also an online homeschool application fee of $25.

Half-day and three-quarters-day tuition plans are also available for families interested in more classes.

All tuition and fees paid are non-refundable.


Ready to Enroll?

The next step in the process is to schedule a parent interview and school tour with the Principal.  We hope to hear from you soon! Call 817.431.5486 or email for more information or to schedule a tour.

Any questions? To see how your child, too, can benefit from a classical education at MLCA, or to sign up for a tour, contact us!