Returning Student Re-enrollment:

Welcome back! Your student’s seat is reserved when the re-enrollment process has been completed in ParentsWeb, the tuition down payment, fee, and completed Tuition Payment Preference Form (TPPF) have been submitted to the school office and the Principal signs off on the re-enrollment application.

Priority Re-enrollment by January 31:

When re-enrollment is completed during the priority period January 1-31 your child will be given priority when competing with new applicants for scarce seats and families receive financial benefits.

  1. Registration Fee: $125
  2. Tuition Down payment: $350
  3. 2% discount on annualized tuition
  4. Retain a discount grandfathered from 2016/17
  5. Continue June – May payment plan

Re-enrollment February 1 and after:

February 1 and after re-enrolling students will be treated the same as new students with respect to tuition and fees.

  1. Registration Fee: $250
  2. Tuition Down Payment: $500
  3. No discount on tuition
  4. Tuition payment plan: 10 installments beginning May

Re-enrollment Process:

  1. Login to ParentsWeb.
  2. Click on the Family Information tab.
  3. Click on the Re-enrollment tab.
  4. Check each student name that you are re-enrolling.
  5. Update any information changes on the Student Demographic Form, Parent Demographic Form and the Emergency Contact Form.
  6. Upon completion of the re-enrollment in ParentsWeb, submit the TPPF, all supplemental forms, and the following:
    1. Registration Fee
    2. Tuition Down Payment
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